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20 Creative Anything But A Cup Party Ideas (with Gif Images)

Anything But A Cup Party Ideas is a fantastic celebration concept since it doesn’t actually require much work from your partygoers while still being a great deal of entertainment and production. The only difference from a typical house party is that cups are not permitted to be used for drinking.

This prohibits using anything but cup ideas, including shot glasses, decanters, mugs, beer bottles, coffee cups, and more. So, we’ve put together a list of the best ideas for alternative drinking cups to get you thinking.

How To Organize Anything But A Cup Party?

You can organize your event around a popular event theme. For example, just do a customary refreshments booth and entertainment zone, but be careful to leave no cups on the tabletop.

As an alternative to anything but cup ideas, be certain to let your team know that they can either carry their personal pouring spout for the evening or have it around them at all times. Inform visitors to use their preferred drinking container uniquely and hilariously. Giving away a reward for the evening’s craziest innovative concept is a fantastic thought.

1. A Bottle of Body Wash

A Bottle of Body Wash to Drink But a Cup Party Idea

Why not reuse your used body wash bottle as a perfect swigging container? To eliminate catching a tonne of froth with every drink, completely clean it before using it.

Since proper dispensing might be challenging, we advise using bigger bottles with broad heads.

2. Wooden Toy Head

Wooden Toy Head But a Cup Party Idea

Use a razor or a pair of knives to snip off the head of a toy body, then scotch tape the neck to secure it airtight so you may drink directly from the head.

3. A Bucket

Drink in bucket but a Cup party idea

By selecting a bucket and a spot for your partying, you can bring a little touch of the beach to the celebration. Of course, it works best when the material is in vibrant colors.

4. Cookware and Saucepans

Cookware and Saucepans for Drink But a Cup party idea

With a large pot, you can easily take out lots of smashes, and at the end of the party, you can reheat some roasted veggies.

5. Coffee machine

coffee machine but a cup party idea

You can grasp the grip as you normally would and utilize the dripping tip as his lid. Additionally, you’ll be ready to supply coffee to guests from your decanter.

6. Any Hollow Fruit 

Any Hollow Fruit but a Cup for party ideas

For instance, by hollowing out a full coconut, you can employ the coconut head as a lovely little cover and produce the most exotic wine decanter ever. There is a huge variety of fruits, such as pineapple, melon, etc. Then fill it up with your drink of choice and enjoy.

7. A Floral Vase

flower vase but a Cup party idea

You might choose to sip from a pretty flower vase if you’re seeking almost anything a little more natural. But first, make sure everything is spotless and clear of dirt.

8. Mist Bottle

Mist Bottle - Spray Bottle But a Cup Party Idea

This approach will require some innovation on your part to possess a drink into your mouth, but a mist sprayer would be one your hosts might not be prepared for.

9. Trophy

Trophy But a Cup Party Ideas

Another wild notion for a cup that is better and more appealing to sip from is a grand slam. This is the ideal champagne mug to make a statement during your party.

10. Underwater Shells

Underwater Shells for Drink But a Cup Party Ideas

Drinks presented in oyster shells will give your celebration a sensation of a tropical paradise. These are excellent for a pool party or other summertime gathering but also useful.

11. A Lotion Dispenser

Lotion Dispenser for Drink But a Cup Party Idea

Purchase a new lotion bottle and pour something that resembles a cleanser in color. We highly advise against purchasing a secondhand one because it could be difficult to remove the nasty smell.

12. The Pringles Box

Pringles Box But A Cup Party idea

Crackers are something you should have on hand while drinking your preferred liquor. In this instance, you must consume an entire pile of wafers just to use the tube.

13. Snack Jar

Snack Jar for Drink But a Cup Party Idea

You needn’t discard empty snack cans while you’re planning a party. Instead, you’re finished after you’ve secured your beverage with the zipper.

14. The Traffic Cone

Traffic Cone But a Cup Party Idea

The smaller ones intended for children are a little bit simpler to sip from. Or, for a humorous idea, acquire bigger ones. Just keep in mind the lid is shut because some have an exposed tip.

15. Canister for Canned Food

Canister for Canned Food but a Cup Party Idea

You won’t have to think about what preservatives might be there because you will finally know that these are absolutely nutrition approved. Since the nozzle and gauge may also be used as a tiny cup, We appreciate this container.

16. Handbag

Handbag but a Cup Party Idea

Ideas for clutch drinking glasses rage at a ladies’ cat gathering. You may easily convert one of your handbag’s chambers into a drinking cup by placing a plastic container underneath it and inserting a straw.

17. Wide Spoons

Wide Spoons But a Cup Party Idea

Grab a shallow spoon from your cabinet and transform it into a drinking cup. Remember to choose something profound and easier to carry than a small bowl or a tablespoon to put your beer.

18. Vacant Lip balms

Vacant Lip balms but a cup party idea

Take a lip balm to the gathering and clean it before using it as a pretty wine glass.

19. Microwave-safe Gloves

Microwave-safe Gloves but a Cup Party idea

Kitchen microwave gloves can also serve as cups for beverages. Five straws may be added to each finger of the gloves so you can sip from them after cleaning them.

20. Colored Pencils

Colored Pencils But a CUp Party Idea

Most pens come with a refilling tube that can be used to hold liquids. One of the best solutions for young adults, in our opinion. Once the interior is clear, you are free to leave.


We expect this collection of Anything But A Cup Party ideas will assist you in planning your forthcoming celebration and have a fantastic time. These are all genuinely among the most popular party themes and inspire people to be creative.

Additionally, anything But a Cup party is usually extremely inexpensive to throw or visit a party, and the possibilities are you already have the ideal replacement for drinkware in your kitchen. So prepare to start drinking from some unusual stuff and gather your lengthiest straws.

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