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25+ Awesome Bets To Make Over Text with Crush (Fun & Flirty!)

When one person decides to dare another to do an activity, it is called a bet. At some point, you’ve probably made some fun bets to make over text with your crush (fun bets to make with your crush). You could even question what strategies other couples find to be most effective when engaging in greater cooperation.

The best thing is that there is always a penalty for losing a game.

You can read through the many suggestions given in this post if you’re looking for entertaining bids to throw. They are fantastic bets to make among couples who want to compete positively while enjoying life. We have created a list of the cutest bets to make over text.

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Let’s look at the best flirty bets to make over text with crush or your girlfriend/boyfriend about what the results or payouts should be:

1. Who will send the first-anniversary greeting?

The loser must reveal some of their most embarrassing experiences to the finalist. 

2. Who can walk in the winter with just one or two pieces of clothing?

Enjoy a romantic evening at widescreen displays of movies or your preferred shows online. The loser must place an online order from the winner’s wishlist.

3. Who can arrange the ideal online date?

In this betting, the loser arranges a surprise for the winner. So the competition is on to come up with something unexpected. 

4. Who selects a unique task to try with the collective?

If you come out on top in the betting, you get to pick an activity you two have never done beforehand to perform together.

5. Who can not use their phone the rest of the day for the longest?

Everyone could benefit from using their phones less, so whoever loses the bet gets a free lesson in self-control.

6. Who will lose their temper first?

The loser must pick a random stranger and express affection for their partner. It could be difficult and cringeworthy for your partner. 

7. Among the two of you, who is the better actor?

Your loser buddy must pretend to be you. You can learn more about how your partner views you by observing them mimic you.

8. In online gameplay, who will earn the lowest score?

The person with the lowest score on their scheduled online game night must perform an entertaining sensuous dance in a video.

9. Who will be the first to speak up about their disagreement or complaint?

The first person to complain about something must dress in a funny way and post a picture of themselves on social media.

10. Who can select the ideal birthday gift?

The loser is required to send an indecent picture through text or Snapchat.

It’s a fun bet to make with your crush’s text-related wish to try out.

11. On a call or text, who will say good morning first?

The losing partner has to send the winner a hot selfie. So make sure you’re both completely comfortable taking pictures of this nature.

12. Which player will fall asleep during the virtual movie date?

Ask the loser to grant the winner’s four desires. Make sure your requests can be accomplished.

13. Who has the highest word-per-minute typing speed?

Make the loser spend a week writing daily romantic letters to the winner.

14. Who can gulp a jug of water the quickest?

Couples can make a hilarious bet by having the loser wear the winning person’s clothing. You can choose which dress to wear if your spouse loses the game.

15. Who’s favorite contestant will win the reality series?

The loser must accessorize the winner’s choice of ornaments or cosmetics.

16. Who can swallow any spicy item?

Choose a meal or beverage and compete to see who can consume it the fastest. The bet is successful if the last person remains.

17. How does a murder mystery conclude?

Make a casual bet on the movie’s conclusion. The person who predicts it most accurately wins.

18. Who has a good memory?

As you and your partner are discussing historical events and one of you becomes confused about which event actually occurred, immediately make a bet with him before searching The internet for the answer.

19. Who will sleep first during a video call?

Watch the winner’s favorite program on a binge-worthy schedule without restrictions or objections.

20. After a fight, who will apologize first?

In this betting, the loser is expected to obey the winner’s instructions for the whole day.

21. Who is the most capable of keeping a fitness plan?

Ask your losing mate to talk to you for the whole day; they must do it without questioning.

22. Who has a better voice?

Making a fake phone call is another amusing betting option. It can go to a friendly figure or a totally strange number.

23. Who will be the first to forget a deadline or urgent thing?

The loser must get a tattoo on their arm. The loser must agree to this plan because it is a permanent decision.

24. In a dispute, who starts shouting first?

The betting specifies that the loser will perform in a live stream.

25. Who loses the ability to control their laughter first?

The loser’s hair must be styled in the winner’s favorable fashion.

26. Who sends out more presents in a month?

The loser will have to handwrite all the nice memories in a poem or love note.

27. Who can post the most embarrassing Instagram photo?

The bet loser must join in a sensual conversation with the winner and make them feel important.


Find something new to do using our list of bets to make with your crush and their rewards to strengthen your relationship with your lover while having a lot of fun in the process.

Flirty bets are a great way of keeping the story moving, whether you stay together, are just dating, or are in a distant relationship.

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