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  • ValidityJul 29, 2022 - Perpetual
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    The financial plans such as insurance recommended by your advisor may not be in your best interests as they are bound to be influenced by the commissions they receive. We eliminate that aspect by giving data backed recommendations, derived from our smart algorithms which use time tested formulas, strategies, best practices, scenario modelling and objective numerical ratios to model the ideal customised plan for you.
    More than 50% of households find it unaffordable to buy insurance because commission based financial advice leads to high premiums.Our low cost products help to make financial planning affordable.
    Financial products often have high fees and hidden charges due to entry loads, distributions costs, etc. which in effect reduce the investment returns. We offer free financial plans, affordable value-added services and low fee products. For our fee-based financial services, we ensure complete transparency with respect to charges and premium features.

    Less than 30% of Indians have a written financial plan due to the cumbersome nature of maintaining suc Our easy to access platform makes financial planning convenient.
    Ease Of Access
    Whether it be quick loans or easy insurance sign up, we offer you the convenience of creating, executing, and tracking your financial plans 24/7 from the comfort of your home. You can also book a call with our advisor, who will be available to ensure that you are well-prepared for life’s uncertainties and on-track to reach your goals.

    50% of Indians are confused about where to start with financial planning.
    We adopt a holistic approach to financial planning.
    All in one
    Most financial websites are currently only focused on one aspect of financial planning and holistic advise is missing. How should you split your cash surplus between investments, insurance and loans? How much should you invest to reach a goal in a certain period of time? How is your general financial health doing? We take that burden off your shoulders by letting our AI guide you through, while you enjoy the benefits of comprehensive financial planning.

    56% Indians lack the knowledge of handling personal finances effectively using conventional manual approaches.
    Our automated platform make financial planning hassle-free.
    Financial information is available everywhere in the current day and age but it’s filled with jargon and hard to understand for the common person. Finance is still considered a dry and boring topic. We are changing that with the right kind of gamification and visually appealing user interface and experience. With relevant educational content that’s easy to consume and jargon free (as much as possible), you can take your knowledge and understanding to the next level.

    20% of all cyberattacks in India target the banking and financial sector in India currently.
    Our highly secure platform protects you from cyber threats.
    Cyber threats are one of the biggest concerns we face today. Your privacy and data is our topmost priority. We use bank grade security to protect your personal data and financial information.

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    Rajiv Choudhary
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    9/2A, Topsia Road, South Apartment No. 4B, Pushpanjali Chambers, KOLKATA, WEST BENGAL, 700046
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    9/2A, Topsia Road, South Apartment No. 4B, Pushpanjali Chambers, KOLKATA, WEST BENGAL, 700046