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    This Financial Services Guide (FSG) explains the financial services provided by RI Advice Group and
    your adviser (who is authorised through RI Advice Group). It is designed to help you make a fully
    informed decision about whether you want to use our services.
    Please take the time to read this guide carefully. Sound financial advice is based on open
    communication. Understanding our services and our fees is the cornerstone of this communication.
    It’s also important that you know who authorises your adviser, the nature of their associations and
    relationships and what to do if you have a complaint.
    If you have further questions, or if there is anything that isn’t clear, please talk to your adviser or
    contact us.
    This guide must be accompanied by an Adviser Profile which outlines your adviser’s skills,
    qualifications and the services they are authorised to provide.That’s where we can help. Since 1979 advisers with
    RI Advice Group (formerly RetireInvest) have helped
    thousands of Australians to create, grow and protect
    their wealth.
    Your adviser provides professional advice to help
    you achieve what you want out of life. RI Advice
    practices are locally owned, employing highly
    qualified financial advisers. Each adviser has a legal
    obligation and an ethical duty to act with integrity
    and in the best interests of their clients. Your adviser
    is a self-employed practice owner or employed by
    the practice. The Adviser Profile provided with this
    guide has specific information about your adviser.
    Your adviser, or the practice they work for, has
    chosen to partner with RI Advice Group, who
    provides your adviser with research, training,
    compliance, technical and operational support. RI
    Advice Group is responsible for any financial service
    your adviser provides on its behalf.
    RI Advice is a wholly owned subsidiary of Insignia
    Financial Ltd (Insignia Financial Group) which is
    listed on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX:
    IFL). Our relationship with Insignia Financial allows
    us the opportunity to engage with the Group’s
    shared services and support teams to provide great
    outcomes for our clients.