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    A Cutting Edge (ACE) was founded by Gaurav Mashruwala two decades ago with the simple mission to ‘Help People Finance Their Needs & Dreams’. In its initial years, the organization operated as a direct sales agent to various banks and financial institutions. Gradually, the range of financial products that it distributed expanded.

    With the change in Indian economy & the socio – economic pattern, plenty of personal finance products were available to the common man. As a result, sound and unbiased advice from a reliable and informed source was required to make prudent financial decisions. Realizing this, the team at ACE decided to use its expertise and knowledge to facilitate its patrons further and thereby donned the cap of a Personal Financial Advisory service provider.

    ACE understood that as investments in financial products were undertaken to fulfill future responsibilities and dreams. It is essential to comprehend the motives behind any investment exercise before providing advisory services. Against the backdrop of a thorough understanding of an individual’s purpose, ACE team comprehended that responsibilities and dreams could be achieved by synchronization of income, expenses, assets and liabilities; and channelizing available resources towards these. The focus thus shifted from ‘Helping People Finance Their Needs & Dreams’ to ‘Transforming Financial Lives’.

    On its journey of transforming financial lives, ACE recognized the importance of human emotions in the financial decision-making process. It appreciated the ancient wisdom – pointed out in our scriptures – that for an individual to lead a balanced and anxiety free life, it is important to have harmony among 4 types of wealth – physical, social, emotional and financial wealth. This experience has brought ACE to its current state wherein focus is on offering life planning services while believing in Let’s Enjoy Wealth! – the Yogic Way.

    ACE now has an ISO 9001:2008 certification for comprehensive financial planning, life planning and investment advisory services. Gaurav Mashruwala is also a SEBI Registered Investment Adviser.

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