GYR Financial Planners Private Limited

  • Reg. Number INA000015996
  • ValidityJul 23, 2021 - Perpetual
  • TypeSebi Registered Investment Advisor
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    We are a customer-centric financial planning firm with 10+ years of experience in helping Indian families living within and outside of India.

    We are a team of qualified and skilled personal finance experts who believe in delivering the best to our clients.

    Our goal is to help you live the life you want by building a secure future for you and your loved ones.We make personal finance easy & fun. We look at where you are, help you to identify the good and not-so-good parts and work with you to build a roadmap. We take a metrics based approach and offer a grounded advice. We work closely with you throughout the engagement and our biggest value addition to clients is that we hand hold them during the turbulant times. We specialize in working with C Suite Corporate Executives. Our approach revolves around perpetual engagements. We are happy to have a very high client retention ratio.

    And did we say we are a FEE-ONLY SEBI Registed Investment Advisor?

    Like everyone else, we started small, in 2012. We worked out of our 2.5 BHK in Mumbai and ~30 of our friends kindly agreed to give us a chance. And Yey, we got off to a good start. Our first office was actually a garage. Once we had a critical mass, we leveraged content strategy via LinkedIn and offered lots of interesting personal finance content for FREE. In the process, we met interesting families and they agreed to move from FREE to FEE. Then we reached 100 families. Then the law of referral took over. And we have a thriving practice today.

    Life is Good! Because of that, they reviewed cash flow, assets, liabilities, insurance, goals, and took a 20 years view. The financial planner helped them to identify goals and then crafted a long term plan to meet the goals and then designed a long term portfolio to fund the long term plan.

    Because of that, Amit & Kavita were no more stressed about their finances. They consistently saved, built emergency corpus, improved risk management, focused on asset allocation, reviewed their plan regularly, and made a financial freedom roadmap.

    Until the personal finance became easy, they wondered why they had waited so long to make a plan?

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    Shop no. 6, Triveni CHS Ltd. Shstri Nagar Road No. 1, Near Siddharth Hospital, Goregaon West, MUMBAI, MAHARASHTRA, 400104
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    Shop no. 6, Triveni CHS Ltd. Shstri Nagar Road No. 1, Near Siddharth Hospital, Goregaon West, MUMBAI, MAHARASHTRA, 400104