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    The past few decades have seen a major, rather revolutionary, change in our knowledge regarding life forms and our ability to manipulate biological systems. This has translated into major strides in Biotechnology, with far-reaching impact on diverse areas such as health-care, diagnostics, agriculture, food, environment and consumer products. These biotechnical innovations are meaningless until and unless their benefits percolate down to the common man. This can happen only if such technologies are taken up for industrial scale production.

    The Department offers a unique blend of expertise in applied biological sciences, chemical engineering and biochemical engineering. It strives for application of this expertise to evolve various biotechnological products and processes. It is envisaged that such a vision can be achieved through: (a) Generation of highly trained human resource capable of quantitative analysis of biological systems to facilitate their role in manning modern bioprocess industries and provide an integrated approach to research and development in biotechnology. (b) To continue to evolve research and development programmes for environmentally sustainable bio-industrial products and services e.g., bio-energy, biopolymer, clean environment and therapeutics. (c) Leading global innovations in Bioprocess Technology and Applied Biological Sciences, and facilitate participation in industrial consulting and sponsored research. (d) Dissemination of knowledge generated through short term courses, workshops and conferences.

    Focal areas of research
    The broad focal areas of research of the department are: (a) Bioprocess Engineering (b) Cell and Molecular Biotechnology (c) Downstream Processing (d) Systems and Computational Biology. Stronger faculty interactions and collaborations within department are envisaged.

    Teaching Programs
    Over the years, the department has pioneered the development of a 5-year dual-degree undergraduate program culminating in B.Tech + M.Tech. degrees, 4-year undergraduate program B.Tech degree and graduate programs leading to M.S. (Research) and PhD degrees. Our interdisciplinary approach, which combines the principles of molecular biology and chemical engineering, has yielded academic recognition and reward. Our students have been admitted to highly ranked academic institutions within the country and abroad, where they have made, and continue to make, significant contribution to biotechnology in academics and industry.

    Vision of the Department
    In years to come, the Department aspires to become one of the world’s leading centers for research, training and teaching in Biochemical Engineering and Biotechnology. For this, the department wishes to do a targeted recruitment to strenghthen research in the current areas as well as look for faculty in cutting-edge modern biology. To attract bright students, the department proposes to have and proposes to introduce of interdisciplinary courses in modern areas bridging biological and engineering sciences and have an increased student strength (especially in Ph.D. and M.S(R) programs).

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