Multipl Wealth Management Private Limited
  • Reg. Number INA200014681
  • ValidityMay 29, 2020 - Perpetual
  • TypeSebi Registered Investment Advisor
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    There is a steady transition from BNPL to SNBL, the perfect way to spend for your purchase it to save up, invest and then make the purchase so you never go in debt or spend more than you can. We are building a movement of mindful consumption, planning it out and rewarding yourself with patience and good habit of saving up. With SNBL, no purchase is out of your reach. It’s just a matter of smarter planning and a platform to support you.
    World’s First “Save Now, Buy Later” platform

    A vast majority of Indians keep their savings in bank accounts – neither diligently planning their spends, nor investing money for better returns. Additionally, the consumption ecosystem is driving consumers towards ‘Buy Now, Pay Later’ credit driven models, which leads to impulsive buying and debt.
    This is a sub-optimal way of managing one’s hard-earned money and leads to savings-erosion. Now, we have introduced invest-to-spend which gives more value to the user’s money.Our investment philosophy is based on the Safety, Liquidity and Returns (SLR) Framework that is designed to ensure the safety of your capital, liquidity of investments and deliver high risk adjusted returns, in that order. First, we decide the asset allocation and mutual fund categories, personalised to your risk profile, goal time horizon, goal amount and market valuation. Within the selected categories, the suitable funds are recommended based on 25+ quantitative and qualitative criteria. Multipl receives absolutely zero commission from any mutual fund house. The recommendation process is purely aligned to the achievement of your goal.

    Moreover, our investment team actively monitors and rebalances your portfolio, based on the market cycles, goal progress, change in your risk profile, etc. Our investment research team comprises of highly qualified, and very focussed CFA, CA, and MBA grads with over 45 years of collective experience in investment advisory and research.