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    If you are looking for an advisor, that is honest, straight forward and non-compromising on ethics, then we seem to be on the same page and you should explore the possibility of us working together.

    I have over 10 years of experience in advising clients on their Investments in both Stocks, REITs, ETFs and Mutual Funds.

    I do not sell Mutual Fund Schemes, instead we design custom made solutions for you.

    And yes we do not do Financial Planning. We focus on making money for you. You tell us your requirements, your constraints, and your risk appetite. and we will offer you a solution to get to your goal.

    So we do not spend time of Financial Planning, I know it sounds bizarre, but plans seldom work. Does it mean that we have no regards for planning whatsoever? Absolutely not, we ask you to get the basics in place, like Emergency Money, Health Insurance, Life insurance, getting Debt Free, but past these basics we focus on one thing that would satisfy and help investors, “Returns”. Period.

    Good old boring, old fashioned returns. If you are looking for exciting returns, please do not waste your and our time. We are looking at helping investors build wealth by doing the grinding and not setting up portfolios on steroids that blow up in bad times.

    For instances we have been getting our clients to invest in Gold for the past 3 years, and also Pharma Funds. Most advisors would consider thematic bets as risky bets, but our understanding is if you understand a sector, can afford to go contra on it and wait it out, you have created an opportunity for yourself to earn dis-proportionately high returns without taking on undue risks.

    This is the kind of work we are interested in doing. Creating Sensible Portfolios that deliver steady returns, so we will never be chasing returns, rarely be investing in NFOs / IPOs and certainly not be getting into investments that we don’t understand or make sense to us, just because everybody else is investing in them.

    So it’s a no nonsense, simple, methodical approach to generating returns the old fashioned way. If this kind of an approach appeals to you, you can call me any time, I would be eager to speak to you.

    Also we charge fees as a percentage of AUM. They are reasonable, but that is the way we charge. We are in this together with our clients, you earn we earn, you loose we loose. It is as simple as that for us. No complications. Like I said, we would rather spend our time focusing on building good portfolios and scouting good investments, than haggle around fees.

    So that pretty much sums up our way of working. Like I said frank, honest and no nonsense. Some might find this too blunt, apologies to you on it, but I really do not know how to sugar coat things and manipulate your psyche to agree to our terms.

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