Probity Wealth Management
  • Reg. Number INA200010728
  • ValidityMay 31, 2018 - Perpetual
  • TypeSebi Registered Investment Advisor
  • About

    “To guide, inspire and nurture people towards financial freedom and happiness – one person, one family and one neighbourhood at a time”


    It has always been, and will always be, about providing honest guidance by breaking down your dreams into smaller achievable goals with a deadline. Conduct ourselves with integrity and transparency at all times. We’re passionate about improving the quality of lives of people and care deeply about creating a happy community of people living a meaningful life.


    Together we start a journey of guiding people towards fulfilling their dreams by taking one small step at a time. Sure, it starts with a solution to a problem, but our work goes far beyond, learning from each other and uplifting our lives towards a lifetime of fulfilment. We always treat each other with respect and dignity. And we hold each other to that standard.


    For a customer walking in to seek a solution to a problem or a direction towards achieving a dream, we have created a warm professional environment with state of art technology to provide you peace of mind.


    The Brand “Probity Wealth” stands for honest guidance with the intend of providing a clear direction and clarity towards one’s dreams, by breaking them down into goals with a deadline thus leading to financial wellbeing, independence and happiness

    “Probity” means to adhere to the highest principals of integrity, trust and honour.

    “Logo” semi-circle and an arrow in the middle represents a compass with the intend of providing direction to a person lost in the financial jungle.

    “Yellow” colour in the arrow represents warmth, positivity, intellect, clarity and happiness.

    “Y” in the logo with a dot on top of the letter represents a person with both the hands up in the air depicting happiness.

    “Wealth” for us is to live a meaningful life surrounded by a caring community.

    We are SEBI Registered Investment Advisors (RIA’s) who comply with higher standards in education, experience and professional certifications. SEBI RIAs also are held to higher standards of compliance, process and client alignment.


    Securities & Exchange Board of India ( SEBI ), the financial markets regulator, had come out with IA Regulations in 2013 to correct this systemic problem in the financial service intermediation space. The regulation was introduced to raise the bar for advisors, in almost every area that is vital to the client.This SEBI Regulation introduces stringent benchmarks & sets standards in several areas like education, experience, certification, record maintenance, disclosures, compliances etc. The regulation introduced year-end process audits, fiduciary responsibility towards clients, proper risk profiling of clients and offering suitable advice in line with their needs.

    Through this watershed regulation, SEBI sought to bring in a new class of fee-only advisors and financial planners who truly represent their clients, are conflict free, client-centric and are Fiduciaries.


    Advisors who have chosen to register under this SEBI regulation can only be paid by their clients and no one else. There is no conflict of interest since we do not earn commissions from product manufacturers. This regulation also imposes a Fiduciary responsibility on these SEBI Registered Advisors. This helps in making them accountable to their clients and work only in their best interests.


    We are registered with SEBI as Fiduciaries & have a legal obligation. So, we are in letter & spirit – Fiduciaries.

    Fiduciary standard of care is the highest standard of care which an advisor could offer. Those following this standard are called Fiduciaries. Fiduciaries are expected to offer advice that puts the best interests of clients above everything else, including their own. Fiduciaries have a duty of loyalty and care towards their clients. They also need to avoid conflicts of interests that can undermine the quality

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    Ricku George
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    60/8, 3rd Floor, Mercy Batiment, Kizhavana Road, Panampilly Nagar, KOCHI, KERALA, 682036
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    60/8, 3rd Floor, Mercy Batiment, Kizhavana Road, Panampilly Nagar, KOCHI, KERALA, 682036