• Reg. Number INA000008154
  • ValidityJul 26, 2017 - Perpetual
  • TypeSebi Registered Investment Advisor
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    Mr. Rachit Khandelwal started tracking stock market as early as at the age of 14 years and always had a distinct edge for stock talks and other asset classes. After studying financial markets for 4 years, he ventured and set up his first office providing investment banking. Since then, there has been no looking back. His business grew multi-fold and it took no time to expand his foray in other cities of Rajasthan and some parts of Gujarat.
    He acquired his Investment Adviser certificate and became one of the few SEBI registered Investment Advisers in India. Through www.RachitKhandelwal.com he plans to deliver a hassle-free service experience to the length and breadth of India. Through his vast experience of over 13 years, he is able to analyze the financial markets and other verticals of asset classes with precision along with providing efficient services to his clients.

    Amongst the first few Individual Investment Advisers of Rajasthan.

    Rachit Khandelwal has an experience of over 14 years in Equity markets, Commodity Markets, mutual Funds, Insurance, Trading and Investment Advisory.

    So far, there have been no complaints registered in SEBI against him.

    Provide insightful advice based on the precise requirements of clients.
    Hands down, one of the most important qualities a financial advisor should possess is independence. Advisors who are privately and locally owned aren’t beholden to the interests of a company that may not share your best interests. When it comes to financial advice, you want your advisor to offer guidance that’s free from commission-based sales pressure and any other conflicts of interest. So one should look for an advisor who is registered as an independent
    Many assume that all investment professionals are certified or hold a special license, but this is not the case. Amazingly, anyone can call themselves a “financial planner,” regardless of education and experience. It is only Investmentl advisers who have completed the training, certification and renewal requirements of the SEBI (Investment Advisers) Regulations, 2013 (“IA Regulations”) carry the title of Investment Adviser. The SEBI certification represents high levels of ethics, competency, education, experience and professionalism and requires that these professionals put your interests first.
    Choose a fee only financial advisor who delivers advice that’s free from conflicts of interest, such as taking commissions from sales of investment products. Fee only advisors are compensated based on a percentage of the client assets they manage. Avoid investment professionals who receive compensation based on the investment products they recommend, as well as those who take front or back-load commissions, or charge to buy, sell or adjust allocations.
    As a client, your financial peace of mind should be paramount. Look for a financial adviser who follows an investment strategy based on long-term market evidence and client needs, rather than high-risk strategies such as hedge funds, IPOs, options or penny stocks. Avoid advisers who chase trends or pretend to predict the future through market timing and other risky practices.

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    94/203,Vijay Path,Agarwal Farm, Mansarovar, JAIPUR, RAJASTHAN, 302020