Samyama Advisors Private Limited

  • Reg. Number INA000015321
  • ValidityOct 28, 2020 - Perpetual
  • TypeSebi Registered Investment Advisor
  • About

    Samyama Advisors provides exclusive investment advisory services through a web and mobile based platform known as Edufund (owned by the parent company of Samyama Advisors). We believe that the biggest risk for parents is that they are unaware of the actual costs of education till the last moment. Education inflation is growing at a higher rate than household inflation. Also, there is excessive dependence on loans, scholarships, and illiquid assets (e.g.- real estate) that are not easy to sell and have uncertain returns. Education is an aspirational event in a child’s life and needs planning to achieve dreams.

    Objective behind creating EduFund –

    · Unique planning platform that aligns your education journey to your personal finances

    · A platform with a holistic approach to one’s education journey vs an event-based approach followed today.

    · Helping Indian parents to simplify their financial burden of giving their child a global education.

    Investment Philosphy
    With thousands of mutual fund schemes available in the market identifying the best funds to invest in is a very difficult task. Moreover, with a tendency amongst investors to fall for the ‘Rs 10’ investment proposition – offered by New Fund Offerings (NFOs), the task of picking the right one is daunting. Many investors feel that ‘any’ mutual fund can help them achieve their desired goals. But there needs to be awareness that each mutual fund scheme is unique and caters to a certain risk-reward profile.

    Investment Process
    Selecting top mutual funds remains a key priority for investors and involves a rigorous process, where both quantitative and qualitative parameters are considered. It is imperative to have consistent performers in a portfolio particularly those that can support you in emergency situations.

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    Ankit Bhandari
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    30, Omkar House, Near Swastik Cross Road, Navarangpura, AHMEDABAD, GUJARAT, 380009
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    30, Omkar House, Near Swastik Cross Road, Navarangpura, AHMEDABAD, GUJARAT, 380009