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How does the female body change after sex? | Dr. Riddhima Shetty

Does the female body change after sex? The female body goes through a phase of excitement after sex, where her heart rate increases, her pulse becomes quicker, her skin appears red, flushed, and glowing, and her clitoris swells up and becomes increasingly more and more sensitive.

Because your heart rate is going faster, the oxygen requirement in your lungs increases because of which you start breathing heavier and heavier so as to take in more oxygen. 

Let’s Discuss 4 Phase that Happens in the Female Body After Sex:

Phase – 1

Your vagina swells, and your breasts and nipples become erect. Because the blood vessels get bigger and fill up with blood, the breasts may look bigger than they usually do.

Phase – 2

Phase two is plateau, where intense feelings start to build up and your heart rate and breathing start to rise.

Phase – 3

Phase three is when your body reaches its peak levels of excitement and releases oxytocin, the hormone related to happiness and bonding.

Final Phase

The last Phase is after orgasm, all the parts of your body go back to their state pre-sex, including your heart rate, your pulse, your Bp, your breathing, and your vaginal muscles.


There is no scientifically or medically accurate way to determine whether a woman has had sex or not or will the shape of female body change after sex because the hymen can stretch out or tear naturally without intercourse, such as swimming, gymnastics, using a tampon or a menstrual cup, or horse riding.

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