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How Many Likes Do You Get on Hinge & How to Increase it?

The latest dating platform, Hinge, matches users with mutual acquaintances. It uses the same mechanism that determines how many likes on Hinge to determine who will be your dating partner. Unfortunately, people who are new to virtual dating frequently experience the problem of receiving only one like per day. 

Does Hinge hold back likes?

You’ll see that you have a match if you like someone’s profile and they like yours, because Hinge doesn’t hold back likes.

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How Many Likes Does Hinge Give You?

Hinge likes per day: On Hinge, the free version grants you 8 likes per day. Unfortunately, Hinge doesn’t stack and refresh at 4:00 am local time. This means you can only send 8 likes per day and must wait for them to reload to see how many likes do you get on Hinge everyday?

Daily likes are limitless for Hinge Premium members. Also, this paid membership gives you access to things like unlimited likes and the ability to see your entire list of things you like.

Is It Worth Paying for Extra Hinge Likes?

From our point of view, it’s usually not worth it to pay for dating websites, especially if you’re on a tight budget.

Although, a Hinge Preferred membership is way overpriced, and eight Hinge likes daily are actually preferable than they appear. Whenever you give somebody a like on Hinge, you may provide a little about yourself.

Advice for Hinge Users Who Are Not Getting Likes-

1. Comment to interact with them

As you may think, leaving a thoughtful comment on someone’s account has a higher chance of attaining a reaction than simply giving it a like without a funny response. A comment shows you’ve discovered a way to care about someone else.

2. Make Hinge Replies Better

Hinge users are given a complete picture of the people they are interacting with by making them see the profiles of other members. Then, by composing a smart response, you can show your creativity and engage with others.

3. Make a Statement from your pictures

Never forget to add at least a few pictures that don’t cover your identity. Select pictures that highlight your passions and fitness if you can. By doing this, you can be assured that the feeling induced by not getting any likes on Hinge will pass shortly.

4. Advance your Hinge profile

Any casual dating profile you upgrade will guarantee you more dates. However, Hinge offers customers the most benefit for a premium subscription.

Is It Simpler To Get Likes on Hinge than on Bumble and Tinder?

Compared to Bumble or Tinder, obtaining likes on Hinge is far more difficult because of its small user base. However, a healthy relationship should be your goal rather than gaining more likes. Hinge is a website made specifically for long-term partnerships in that situation.

How Does the Hinge Algorithm Serve?

  • Your interests and the information you provided to Hinge. The algorithm gathers this data and identifies individuals with common goals.
  • When you first access Hinge, your range is strong. How many roses per day on Hinge do you receive? Hinge members will get one free Rose every week. Please keep in mind that free Roses do not add up. If you don’t use your free Rose this week, you’ll still only have one free Rose next week. To put it another way: use it or lose it!
  • Your exposure will expand the more appealing your account is and the more reliable information you offer Hinge.
  • People will typically have the same hobbies; thus, that is how the profile was created.

What Time Of Day Should You Use Hinge?

The ideal time to post on Hinge would be around 9 PM since a younger audience uses it the most. However, the perfect time to enhance is between 5 AM and 10 AM if you count yourself among those that use Hinge for more than a couple hours each day.

When it comes to the day of the week, feel free to enhance on Saturdays and Sundays since those are the days set aside for fresh searching for possible dates.

Use Hinge Unlimited Likes Hack Using the Following Steps:

  • Download the Hinge Mod APK from this location
  • Install the Application, then launch it. Log in to Facebook, then enter the Application.
  • Complete your profile and answer the three questions that follow.
  • Now, on the Homepage, like accounts.
  • You can now like an unlimited number of accounts
  • That is all! ENJOY Hinge hack.
    Disclaimer – I haven’t tested this APK premium Hinge app until now.


We suppose our analysis of how many likes on Hinge explains how frequently you can access this special tool. Overall, we don’t believe that paying for Hinge is a good idea for most users,

I wish you success in your matchmaking pursuits.

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