Let’s discuss how to kiss someone. The first thing you want to remember when you’re kissing someone is that you don’t want to go straight to the point.

Do remember the following Kissing Tips:

Look into Eyes before Kiss with Tongue

You want to look into their eyes like that, get closer and closer little by little, and then you want to kiss them. But you don’t want to kiss someone who doesn’t move their head side to side.

Don’t Kiss Just After Eating

Whether you are looking for a tip on how to kiss a guy or how to kiss a girl. Do Not kiss someone when you have just finished eating. When kissing someone, make sure your mouth is clean, and take some mint gum. If you don’t have a toothbrush, make sure you have a gun or mint in your bag.

Start with Peck

First, you want to start with a peck, then after a couple of times you can start doing the real kissing, which will go use a little tongue, and finally, you want to learn how to kiss the lips individually.

If you know how to kiss better, practice with your hand little by little and you’ll get better at how to kiss properly. Make sure that your lips are really soft and that they bounce a little bit. Further, i will show you how to kiss step by step.

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