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Top 10 New Web Series On Netflix, Amazon Prime video, HBO MAX | New Released Web Series 2022

In this article, you will find details about new released web series in 2022 so don’t miss out! If you’re a fan of original web series then this list is going to become your favorite it includes web series that is worth watching.

You can also find Netflix’s latest releases on this list as well.

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Let’s Check the New Released Web Series 2022 Here:

10. Echo

The story centers on an American researcher who travels to Venezuela to study mind-altering substances for rehabilitation programs, but is abducted by a local military Squad. Her husband Prince and brother Bambi both attempt to save her, but due to personal differences they do not get along well.

The story unfolds as Prince and Bambi assume responsibility in their own hands to save Amber while government officials complicate the rescue operation.

9. Treason

A spy Thriller series starring Charlie Cox’s Mi6 officer Adam Lawrence, whose profession appears to be in balance until a Russian spy named Cara makes an unexpected entry later. The three must manage delicate diplomatic and international situations while using their unique strategies to expose one another.

8. Three Pines

Police Chief Armand Gamek investigates a series of cryptic and puzzling deaths in the beautiful community of Three Pines, but finds himself mysteriously attracted to this bizarre town and its unusual people.

The first season of Murder Mysteries features four separate murder mysteries and a suspenseful riddle.

7. His Dark Materials

The third season of Number Seven has dark materials, which follows Lyra, a teenage girl who lives in a realm where humans and demons have a complex relationship. Lyra finds herself in control of the enigmatic navigation system when teenagers start disappearing and being abducted by the strange beings cult Gobblers.

6. The Flat Share

The Flat Share is a comedy drama series based on the best-selling novel The Flat Share by Beth O’Leary. It centers on Tiffany and Leon, who share an apartment in the city and become engaged in one another’s chaotic lives.

The show’s concept and Slick style capture your interest before you get fascinated by its witty melodrama.

5. The Bad Guy

The Bad Guy is a 2022 crime comedy drama directed by Giancarlo Fontana and Giuseppe G. Stasi, about an Italian defense lawyer who is wrongly convicted of being a member of the mafia and chooses to turn into the horrible guy he is suspected of in order to exact revenge on the people who put him there.

4. Chainsaw Man

Denji, a young man in despair, enters into a deal with Pachita, the chainsaw Devil, which merges their bodies together, giving him the power to change various portions of his physique into weapons. Asa Mataka, a teenager, gets into an agreement with Yoru.

3. Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan

The new released tv show centers on Cia analyst Jack Ryan, whose investigation leads him to a terrorist group plotting an attack on the United States. In the third season, Jack looks into Project Conspiracy.

2. Fleischmann is in Trouble

Toby Fleischmann, a doctor who recently got divorced, decides to explore the world of matchmaking and experiences more successful outcomes than he has ever experienced before, but his Joy is short-lived when his ex-wife Rachel vanishes, leaving him to care for their children.

1. Allison Borderland

The first season of this new tv series Allison Borderland is one of the best Netflix series and centers on a young gamer named Arisu who must compete in dangerous tournaments to survive.

The second season of the show begins where the first one left off, with the King of Spades attacking and the next round of Games Starting.

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