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13 Places Man Want to be Touched During Sex – How to Please a Man in Bed

We all want to get closer to our partners, so don’t be afraid to get touchy with your man and know men’s pleasure points. You should never underestimate a man’s need to be sensual if you really want to please a man in bed.

The suggestive glances, the sweet caresses, the passionate kisses, and the tight hugs are all great physical manifestations of love. Women have certain pleasure points, but did you know that men have a few too?

Learn How to Please a Man in Bed Step by Step Given in These Tips:

1. Its all on his face

As per Chinese medicine, yang is a kind of male energy that has been associated with the male sexual drive for years. And to top it all, the male face is the ground for most of the yang channels.

You gotta try it. Try and relax your partner’s mood by running your fingers gently over his face. You will see a marked difference in his mood instantly. Two, Ruffle his hair with your fingers.

2. Ruffle his hair

It’s a very subtle but very intimate gesture that he’s definitely going to enjoy most, especially if he has messy hair to begin with. Three, suit the neckline.

3. Suit the neckline

The neck region is believed to get stimulated upon gentle caresses, and the earlobe is a zone that has numerous nerve endings.

4. Play it along with his ears

Use imaginative ways to entice his senses by using your tongue, teeth, or simply play with your fingers.

5. Grab a hold of his sacrum

If you happen to be making love to one another, try to grab a hold of his sacrum or lower back to show him that you are staying mindful of his body.

6. Magic touch for his hands

Still, this trick is quite effective to complete the business circle your fingers starting from the outer edge of his palm, slowly progressing towards the center. Gently press the webs with your thumb and forefinger to ease his tension and see him go crazy.

7. Root through the spine

Seven root through the spine. Move and rub your fingers on the region just above the hip bone to relax him, and eight behind his knees to stimulate his senses.

8. Behind his knees

This tip is really for you if you want to know how to please a man in bed sexually – behind his knees sensitive, volatile spot can be explored to drive him into a pleasure villa. Scratch gently behind his knees to generate heat and ticklish sensations.

9. Belly button urges

Nine belly button urges. Use a feather or an ice cube to heighten his pleasure ten bottoms high.

10. Bottoms high

The soles of his feet are another tried and tested region for getting him into the mood.

11. Cares for the Tresses

Caress his hair and sensually play with his locks to prepare him for whatever you have on your mind.

12. Play with his tongue

Play with his tongue while you are Frenching. Give him healthy doses of aggression and gentleness to mix things up.

13. Whisper

Whisper in his ear, making it seem very intimate and discreet. Make him feel like there is a secret that you want to tell him. There are certain pleasures and sensations that arise as a result of being whispered to, and men absolutely love that.

Hope you liked these 13 tips on how to please a man in bed and you will know more in our upcoming posts. Keep visiting and you can watch the following how to please a man in bed video.

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