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Top 10 Prank Text Services To Get Revenge (SPAM Phone Anonymously)

Users of prank text services are able to send messages to their loved ones without revealing their identities. It requires users to sign up for an account, then enter the recipient’s phone number and the message they want to send.

As soon as the message is sent, the recipient will receive it, and there will be no indication that it came from a prank text service.

Is it possible to Send a Text Message Anonymously?

To send a text message without being traced back to you, you’ll need to make use of a third-party service like an app, website, or Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) service. While regular text messages will include your phone number, anonymous ones will not.

Is it Possible to Trace Anonymous Text Messages Origin?

Because your actual phone number is not included in the message’s information, the sender of the anonymous text cannot be identified. However, if anonymous texts are used for criminal purposes, such as harassment or scams, law enforcement can track them.

Tutorial on How to Send an Anonymous text via VOIP

VoIP enables users to make phone calls and send text messages over the internet, and it also enables users to remain anonymous while doing so.

  1. You can make use of VoIP by getting a virtual phone number when you sign up for a service or install an app that does so.
  2. You can avoid having your real phone number displayed on the other person’s screen by using a virtual number.

VOIP Services for Anonymous Text Messages

The Best Apps for Sending Anonymous Text Messages

You can use third-party VoIP apps to send anonymous texts. The recipient’s phone will not display your actual number if you use one of these apps to get a virtual one.

Furthermore, these apps provide a wide range of features, including the ability to customise the look of your message, forward it to an email address, and increase its security.

Instructions for Disabling Caller ID on Your Phone.

Anonymous texting is possible thanks to the caller ID blocking features of both iOS and Android devices.

  • Under “Phone” in “Settings,”
  • Apple users can disable “Show My Caller ID.”

To mask their contact info, Android users need only

  • Go to their phone’s settings
  • Tap “Caller ID,” then “Additional Settings,” then “Call Settings.”

Emailing an anonymous text message: a guide

Your email address will be viewable if you send a text message via email. You need to know the recipient’s phone number and mobile service provider in order to send an anonymous text message through email.

Then, using the recipient’s service provider’s email domain, such as “” for AT&T, you can send the email in SMS or MMS format to the recipient’s phone number.

You can check carrier lookup here – FreeCarrierLookUp

List of Revenge Text Pranks Websites

Considering All of Our Choices and Potential Consequences

While anonymous texting has its uses, it’s important to be aware of the risks involved. While it is true that anonymous texts cannot be traced, they still carry legal consequences if used for illegal purposes.

However, there are also security risks associated with using a third-party app or VoIP service, as some of these programs may keep records of users’ contact information. As a result, think carefully about the benefits and drawbacks of sending anonymous texts before doing so.

Would you use the prank text services on your friends?

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