horror flicks 2023 - top 10 movies you must watch

Top 10 Best Horror Movies Of 2022 So Far | New Hollywood Horror Movies Released in 2022

We’re counting down the top 10 scariest horror movies of 2022 so far, so read the entire article to avoid missing any movie on the list.

I was pleasantly surprised by the number of Horror movies released this year.

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There have been more than 40 released so far and these are the best horror movies of 2022!


A dark force revives Art the Clown and pursues Siena and her brother Jonathan. The two siblings’ mysterious bond with the art leads to terrifying close calls for both of them.

The film pushes the limits of spying chilling horror and has a 6.3 rating on Imdb and an 80 audience score on Rotten Tomatoes.


Tinja, a teenage athlete driven by a desire to impress her mother, secretly raises a strange egg in the neighboring woods until she sheds a tear that triggers an extraordinary mutation of the egg.


Chaka Rafa and Minuit, the Bengi Hyenas, hide their bags full of gold Loot in Salem, but one of the people identifies them and wants to join their gang. Meanwhile, some residents have gone missing.


Tess, who had reserved a rental home, discovers a secret underground that takes her far below the house, where she finds a creepy room with blood on the walls.


Lena Klammer, a psychopath who resembles a nine-year-old girl, escapes from a psychiatric hospital and invades Esther’s Rich family, but her unusual actions cause people to question if she is truly Esther.


The film centers on Pearl, a lovely young girl who is kept captive on the Family’s rural farm and made to look after her sick father while being forcefully and intolerably commanded by her strict mother.


Novena, a teenage girl, is abducted and turned into a witch by The Immortal demon Maria. She mistakenly murders a woman bosslica and then her violent husband, before fleeing while changing into both animal and human bodies.

The story unfolds slowly, and at times resembles a gloomy fairy tale. It is interesting and unique, and has a 6.3 rating on Imdb.


A psychotic killer abducts a 13 year old boy and holds him in a soundproof dungeon where he starts to listen to the voices of the killer’s dead victims.

The movie is tense and frightening for the most time, but when it combines ideas of Otherworldly horror, it gives a fresh take on horror movies.


Two siblings claim the Family Estate after their father’s suspicious death, but experience extraordinary happenings when their horses react to cryptic forces, until they witness a huge alien-like vessel collecting humans against their will and murdering them.

This film creates intensity and fear around its mystery, which keeps Your Imagination Running constantly when you first notice the object in the cloud.


The Smile curse claims that if a victim of the curse kills himself while smiling, another normal person will become the next target.

The main character, Dr. Rose Cotter, experiences hauntings after her patient murders himself while smiling. She sees Smiles everywhere she goes, and must discover a method to break the curse.

We hope you enjoyed this list of the best horror movies of 2022, and please share your favorites in the comments below.

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