Stop Hair Fall Permanently

ULTIMATE Hair Care Routine to Stop Hair Fall Naturally & Hair Thinning Permanently (Men & Women)

Let’s face it to stop hair loss naturally is a difficult problem to solve. But I am going to share with you three simple, practical steps that will show you how to stop hair fall naturally and recover from this problem permanently.

This Article Explains Natural Techniques to Stop Hair Loss for Good:

Eat Curry Leaves

Eat curry leaves to stop hairfall image having leaves  in a bowl

Curry leaves are the first thing you should eat after you wake up in the morning to stop hair fall and hair thinning. Keep chewing them until you have extracted almost everything out of them and they turn into a paste, rather a liquid. When you are suffering from hair fall issues, I highly recommend that you keep water filled in a copper jug a night before, place it near you, and drink it the first thing in the morning. Copper charged water keeps the digestive issues away, another major reason for hair fall problems.

For people who drink bad tea or coffee, stop doing that and drink water, brush your teeth, freshen up, and then have curry leaves. After the curry leaves work within your system, don’t eat anything for about 30 minutes, and nourish your hair.

Use Home Made Chaas

Use homemade chaas to stop hairfall image having chaas  in a bowl

After you have nourished your hair well, make sure that you choose the shampoo very carefully whether you are looking for how to stop hair fall naturally at home for men or teenage girl . Homemade chaas works the best, if not, you can also buy a packet from the nearest dairy store. Chaas is one of the recommended foods to stop hair fall naturally however you need to use it to scalp your head only.

Amal Kersayan

Eat Amalki Rasyan to stop hairfall image having photo of a product

After a day well spent, you need to execute the very last step of this hair care routine it is a good diet to stop hair fall naturally: take Amal Kerasayan, a classical Ayurvedic medicine, with half a teaspoon of honey.

If you drink copper charged water, chew three to five fresh curry leaves, apply khatti chaas on your scalp, and wash it off using hundred percent natural shampoo and finally end your day with the dose of Amul ki Rasayan.  your hair fall will stop permanently.

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